Swiss Specialist Dentists for Orthodontics (CH) are specialized dentists.

They focus on the correction of dental and jaw misalignments. The oversight of education and final examinations falls under the Society for Orthodontics. The terms "orthodontics" and "orthodontic practice" are not protected titles.

To achieve the specialist title of Specialist Dentist for Orthodontics (CH), the following requirements must be met:

  • Completion of a dentistry degree with a federal state examination
  • Membership in the Swiss Dental Society
  • Four-year specialization training. Three years of specialized training are completed at an orthodontic clinic of a Swiss university center. A fourth year of training is dedicated to deepening general dental medicine knowledge.
  • Four completed, thoroughly documented treatment cases from the entire spectrum of orthodontics, a theoretical examination, and a publication must be submitted to a review committee of the SGK Specialization Commission for evaluation.