A brace from a professional - Why an orthodontist is recommended in this case

Dentist or Orthodontist?

If you or your child encounter a dental issue, the first step is usually to visit your trusted dentist. However, it's advisable to also consult an orthodontist, as they are specialists, particularly in the case of jaw misalignments.

So, why is it worth visiting an orthodontist? The best way to answer this is with a comparison: for example, if you suffer from severe headaches, you'll probably first visit a general practitioner. While they can examine you and suggest possible solutions, they'll likely refer you to a specialist, such as a neurologist, who can conduct more in-depth examinations and offer further approaches. The same applies to orthodontics. Orthodontists are specialists, especially when it comes to jaw misalignments.

Treatment - sense or nonsense?

There are various types of dental misalignments that can manifest from childhood. If left untreated, these often have serious consequences, even in adulthood. If a dental misalignment is treated with braces at a young age, in most cases, the misalignment can be corrected relatively quickly in a relatively short time, preventing long-term effects.

For many people, braces are a sensible treatment. The appearance of braces deters many to the extent that they would rather endure the consequences of the dental misalignment than wear the "ugly" braces. However, for such cases, there has been a practical solution for some years now: Invisalign treatment. In this treatment method, the orthodontist uses clear aligners that function just like regular braces but are almost invisible.

If a dental misalignment is not recognized or treated, the consequences for the affected individuals can be far-reaching. If your child has misaligned teeth and you are unsure whether to correct them now, consider that correction in adulthood is possible but significantly more complex than in childhood and adolescence. A simple set of braces usually won't suffice because the jaw in adults is fully developed and different from that of children and teenagers.

Dr. Benedikt Schwitzer - we are here for you

If the information provided so far is not sufficient and you have further questions, please reach out to our team directly. We take enough time for examinations and discussions with all our patients, so you always know what we are doing and why it is necessary. We find the right braces for every case - be it regular braces or, if desired, transparent braces.

If you're looking for a dentist in Lucerne and the surrounding area with the expertise of an orthodontist, pay us a visit. Even if you're not in the immediate vicinity, it's not a problem, as we offer our services throughout Switzerland. Come by our office for a personal consultation regarding braces. Always remember that treatment of jaw misalignments in adults is possible, and braces can provide good support even in these cases.